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Financial Group.

Montage Financial Group is a Life Settlement Provider offering an innovative, proven financial toolset to accredited and institutional investors.  We are experienced in selecting the most favorable policies by analyzing actuarial assumptions and examining medical histories and risk management data.

A life settlement provides an alternative to the lapse or surrender of a life insurance policy and is an important financial decision (cf., LISA’s Public Awareness documents). Existing laws and regulations that address life settlements include many requirements, including informational disclosures that owners and insureds must receive before a life settlement can be completed as well as licensing of life settlement brokers (representing the seller[s] of the policy) and life settlement providers (the licensed entity representing policy buyers). A life settlement is often facilitated through a life settlement broker who represents the policy owner and owes a fiduciary duty to the owner, including a duty to act according to the owner’s instructions and in the best interests of the policy owner. To further protect sellers and investors considering a life settlement, Montage ensures that all parties in the transaction — the life settlement broker, life settlement provider and any insurance agent — are properly licensed.

Montage Financial Group is committed to high standards, customer service, sound business practices and consumer and investor privacy.  Our goal is to make every Life Settlement transaction a positive experience for everyone involved in the process.


Read about each one of our Management team.

Derek Miller

Director of Underwriting

Derek is responsible for overseeing the contracts processing and workflow for the acquisition of all policies purchased through Montage Financial. Derek has been with our firm since 2003 and has been a valuable contribution to our organization, having helped to augment our policy oversight through the installment of a proprietary software tracking and management program. In addition to his underwriting duties, Derek also helps to maintain excellent relations with investors. After studying Kinesiology at California State University at Long Beach, several years ago, Derek was introduced into the Life Insurance industry and shortly thereafter obtained his life agent license and became involved with Life Settlements.

Blaine Cook


Blaine founded Montage Financial Group in 2002.

He leads our business operations and is responsible for new business and corporate strategy.  Strong Entrepreneurial instincts, technical expertise and creative marketing skills have earned Blaine and his company recognition throughout his career.  Blaine has demonstrated the ability to assemble peer teams and strategic alliances to construct and effectuate successful new enterprises and turn around opportunities.  In addition to his professional duties, Blaine has an extensive history as an international conference speaker and teacher on a variety of topics.  He holds a BA from the University of California in Pomona, California, majoring in Finance, and has accrued credit toward an MBA from that same institution.

Mike Lutterloh

Director of Servicing/Fraud Detection

Mike oversees the processes relating to the servicing of all policies currently under management by Montage Financial. Mike joined our team in 2006, bringing with him his extensive experience in the management of complex operations; an asset as Mike administers policy data analysis and discrete tracking systems of the insureds. Mike also aids in the acquisition of policies and in maintaining excellent relations with investors, whom have trusted the care of their policies to Montage. Moreover, he presides over the processing of all contracts and works with employees to make sure everyone has received the required Anti-Fraud training crucial to virtually all aspects of Montage transactions. Mike holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice from the California State University, Los Angeles.