Montage Financial Group typically constructs a portfolio of Life Settlement policies and manages that portfolio, employing a proprietary analytical discipline. Selection of the policies are determined by actuarial assessments, medical histories, and life expectancies. 

A portfolio approach to the aggregation and management of Life Settlements creates diversification in life expectancies and maturities of the policies that will provide a broader allocation of risk and higher profit potential for an investor.  Within the portfolio, each policy will be analyzed to receive constant consideration in order to assess relative risk, life expectancies, and return characteristics. 

To qualify for inclusion in the portfolio, the life insurance policy must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The policy must be assignable;
  • The policy must have been in force longer than the contestability period (usually, two years), and all applicable suicide clause terms must have expired;
  • The issuing insurance carrier must be rated “A-” or better by Standard & Poor’s; and
  • In the case of a group coverage policy, evidence must be presented that the group coverage cannot “evaporate” under any circumstances.  Conversion issues and continuation of coverage concerns must be satisfactorily underwritten, should the group master contract terminate for any reason during the remaining life expectancy period established for the insured applicant.

The insurance policy will not be considered acceptable if the policy:

  • Is underwritten by an insurer located or chartered outside of the United States of America;
  • Has lapsed premium payments that render such life insurance policy contestable, or is no longer in force, or if the policy is in its grace period;
  • Is suspected or alleged to have been underwritten on the basis of fraudulent or deceitful information;
  • Has, at the time of its submission for underwriting, a minor named as a beneficiary; Constitutes a policy, that Montage Financial Group believes to be uncollectible.

Montage Financial Group reserves the right to ascertain whether a particular insurance carrier, as well as a specific policy is suitable and qualified, based upon:

  • Insurance industry rating publications;
  • Information that is policy-specific and contained in a “Verification of Coverage” (VOC) document that is prepared by the issuing carrier.


Montage Financial Group provides support to help investors after the acquisition of the investment product.

Life Settlement Services

Investors direct Montage Financial Group regarding their long-term goals for their portfolio — whether to acquire-and-hold, or to assemble a portfolio for ultimate resale of the asset to the secondary market. Our management team will assist you in modeling the asset to meet your needs and goals.

  • Social Security verification, performed on a weekly basis, is conducted to provide the investor with timely information regarding those insured;
  • Private Investigation Services are provided for those investors that require more detailed information on those insured;
  • Quarterly communications with the Insured’s physician or representatives are available to provide periodic access to the current and future health prognosis of those insured.
  • Montage Financial Group works with investors to best determine how to structure payments to keep your policy in force, while meeting your cash flow needs.
  • ACH debits to a managed account or custodial account with a bank of your choice.
  • Carriers are obligated to pay, usually with 30-60 days of receipt of the claim.
  • We work with owners and carriers to submit and collect claim.