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Montage specializes in risk-managed insurance investments called Life Settlements. A Life Settlement is a lump sum cash settlement paid to an insurance policy holder in exchange for contract ownership rights. If you are an accredited or institutional investor, we encourage you to explore the option of adding this alternative strategy to your investment portfolio. Montage Financial Group’s commitment to high standards, customer service, sound business practices, and consumer and investor privacy grant us the satisfaction of facilitating settlements in which all parties benefit.


All products and services offered by Montage Financial Group are provided using the highest business standards. Moreover, we are committed to consumer and investor privacy. Our goal is to make every Life Settlement transaction a positive experience for everyone involved.
Montage Financial Group does not give financial or legal advice. We recommend all policy holders and investors consult with trusted advisors before entering into a Life Settlement transaction.


Life Settlement Services


Investors direct Montage Financial Group regarding their long-term goals for their portfolio -- whether to acquire-and-hold, or to assemble a portfolio for ultimate resale of the asset to the secondary market. Our management team will assist you in modeling the asset to meet your needs and goals.

Policy Management

• Social Security verification, performed on a weekly basis, is conducted to provide the investor with timely information regarding those insured;
• Private Investigation Services are provided for those investors that require more detailed information on those insured;
• Quarterly communications with the Insured's physician or representatives are available to provide periodic access to the current and future health prognosis of those insured.


• Montage Financial Group works with investors to best determine how to structure payments to keep your policy in force, while meeting your cash flow needs.
• ACH debits to a managed account or custodial account with a bank of your choice.

Premium Payments

• Carriers are obligated to pay, usually with 30-60 days of receipt of the claim.
• We work with owners and carriers to submit and collect claim.

Collection of Settlements from Carriers


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